We introduced the world’s first adaptive clothing line by making the most inclusive fashion campaign ever.

There is no "for us" without us.

This was our guiding principle as we developed the Tommy Adaptive campaign. So often, people who have no idea what it’s like to live with a disability are the ones imposing their designs and opinions on those who do. But we were determined to involve people with disabilities (PWDs) through every element. From research and strategy, to the design of the product, to the making of the commercial, and even the shopping experience, our goal was 100% inclusivity.


Brand Strategy & Research

We created a research platform that enabled us to work directly with PWDs to shape product and marketing.

James Rath_1.jpg


Inclusivity didn’t just apply to the talent in front of the camera. We pulled together an inclusive cast and crew, including a legally blind director, to bring the right perspective and insights to the work.



To make shopping for Tommy Adaptive as inclusive as the product and marketing, we created a voice-activated shopping experience with Amazon. The new Alexa skill makes it easier for everybody to find styles made for their unique dressing needs.


" Independence "

:60s Commercial


Whatever it took to stay true to a vision of total inclusivity, we did it. To make all the campaign films totally accessible for the hearing and visually impaired we added subtitles and descriptive audio.

From our research, we learned that there are two audiences to address: caregivers and PWDs themselves. The 60-second spot was targeted to caregivers, those who know the dressing challenges of PWDs. Our 15-second spots took a different approach, focusing on the individual passions of PWDs. These short featurettes were targeted directly to PWDs across a wide range of segments.


" Independence "

:30s Commercial


" Lolo "

:15s Targeted Featurette

" Gavin "

:15s Targeted Featurette


The Future is Inclusive

This is just the beginning. Inclusivity isn’t a trend. We’re actively reshaping the future of fashion and retail, working to create accessible shopping experiences, stores, fashion shows, and runways.